Construction Litigation

One of the many costs of doing business is customer dissatisfaction. Every good business person will run up against this at some point, no matter how well he or she excels at his or her craft. At Welbaum Guernsey, we represent owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, sureties and insurers in construction litigation, including in:

  • Hard construction
  • Chapter 713 construction liens
  • Mechanic's liens
  • Fraudulent liens
  • Chapter 713.23/713.245 payment bonds
  • Chapter 255.05 public bonds
  • Suretyship
  • Performance and payment bonds
  • Builder's risk insurance
  • Construction-related insurance
  • Comprehensive general liability insurance (CGL)
  • Owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIP)
  • Contractor-controlled insurance programs (CCIP)
  • Surety representation and defense

Construction Defect Litigation

Once we have identified the problem, we look for the most efficient and economical way to address your dispute. We will examine ways of solving the problem both in and out of court. Robert A. Hingston of our firm, has been on the Panel of Construction Arbitrators of American Arbitration Association since 1982.

We have worked extensively with construction companies all over the world, as well as right here in the Miami area as construction litigation attorneys. We are one of South Florida's well-respected firms and continue to work hard to uphold that reputation. Our focus has been on the construction industry since our inception. We understand your situation and what problems can arise from it. Our lawyers have had years of experience in helping solve these problems. Let us help you solve yours.